Thursday, October 29, 2015

Just in the nick of time!!!

Daylight savings.....  PLEASE DON'T LEAVE US!!!!  Tonight we barely got back to our cars before darkness set in.  I think it is because of daylight saving ending soon, but Jill is convinced it's because I mapped us a route that was 7.5 miles :-)  Haha....... I guess subconsciously I was punishing her for leaving me for 5 days.  Wait until she gets back from her trip..... she's gonna be walking 1/2 marathons with me!!!!

So we started tonight at Dunlap Elementary.  Just one more short route in this area and we'll be done with everything west of Oak Glen Road and south of Yucaipa Blvd.

The streets around Dunlap Elementary are really nice since they put in sidewalks.  They aren't on both sides of the street and they only are around the block of the school, but that's at least better than it was and (HOPEFULLY) eventually they decide to add more and really get this part of our town looking nice.

Greeted by this beautiful horse on Avenue E.  He has lots of little friends fenced in with him.  I think we saw goats and sheep with him.  Oh and a cute English Bull Dog (I think named Dozer) right next door.

 I love seeing my Hometown Hero Banners around as we walk.  Yes, I know some are fading and need replaced (I'm going to be working on that soon) but I love seeing them.  It was also really cool to see lot's of American Flags along this route.  Not just one or two, but whole streets full of Old Glory.

But can I just say, without offending anyone, THANK YOU for proudly flying the American Flag but PLEASE, when your flag is tattered, torn or faded, PLEASE replace it.  You can deliver your old flag to the American Legion and they will dispose of it properly.

Our walk took us east on Avenue E and then north through Windsor, Camelot and Cambria Streets.  The homes along these streets are beautiful.  Large ranch style single story homes all on large lots with very nice landscaping.

This cute display in a front yard really caught our eye.

We then continued up 10th Street to the Del Taco (great spot for a potty break - especially on a 7.5 mile walk) and then back down to Avenue D.  The sky was very dramatic this evening - the dark clouds turned red as the sun was setting.  It even looked like it could have opened up and poured at any moment.

After we are done with WALKING EVERY STREET IN YUCAIPA, we are going to walk this route along the wash.  I know it runs all the way to the freeway but does anyone know where it begins???

As we continued out Avenue D, we failed to yield to these road signs (that's the rebel in me).  Looks like the city might finally be building a bridge over the wash between 10th & 11th on Avenue D.  That will be awesome when it is finally done - the road gets washed away every rain.

We then walked up 11th Street to Yucaipa Blvd and then down to 13th before we headed down 13th all the way to Oak Glen Road.  Some cute little cul-de-sacs alongs this street and we ran into these little fellas.

I did say EVERY cul-de-sac right???  Yep.... that's right... when we said we were walking every street in Yucaipa - we meant it.  No street is left untouched - unless we see NO TRESPASSING, we will be down your street sometime soon.

This cul-de-sac had us waking up all the dogs but this big guy was by far the most vocal but also one of the cutest!!!!  We names this guy PETEY..... do you see why?                                                                            So far, 29 days into our challenge, we have not encountered any stray dogs and no safety or scary issues!!!  

Our tax dollars at work - on 13th Street and Oak Glen Road, it appears the City is building another bridge over this part of the wash!!!  The homes right here are pretty inconvenienced, but I'm sure they will be grateful when it is completed.

So after 13th Street and all the cul-de-sacs, we heading up Oak Glen Road.  For the most part, there is a nice wide dirt path on Oak Glen Road, but right near the 13th Street intersection, you have to actually walk in the bike lane.  If you've lived in Yucaipa long, you know there have been several fatal car accidents right at this location, so it is not probably the safest spot to walk, but we walked at a pretty good pace and got to the dirt paths quickly.

Almost 2 hours, nearly 7.5 miles at a 15.33 mile/minute pace - feeling pretty accomplished tonight.

We're gonna be off the streets until next Wednesday, since Jill Caballero can only handle not seeing her boys for two months at a time (they are away at college) and she's heading out to play "Frat Mom" for the next five days.  But we will be back at our quest to WALK EVERY STREET IN YUCAIPA on Wednesday.  We will be finishing the Dunlap area on Wednesday - starting near Dunlap Road (by where Angel Roadhouse use to be).  Our walks, during the weekdays, will be reduced to about 3 miles a night (due to losing daylight savings), so feel free to join us any night.

Until next week......

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