Saturday, October 3, 2015

Day #3 - The Journey Continues in Chapman Heights


Day #3 of our quest to walk EVERY street in Yucaipa began at Competitive Edge Charter Academy and took us west into Chapman Heights just west of 5th Street and south of Oak Glen Road.  Walking in the morning is so different than our afternoon walks.  First, we have to be a little quiet. Most people are still sleeping and we don't want to wake anyone. Second, you have to navigate around all the early morning sprinklers.

It was a little cooler this morning - just ask the little 3 year old boy that stopped us just to tell us he needed a jacket :-)  Morning walks are very peaceful.  This route takes you through some beautiful neighborhoods and have some great views of the golf course.

Tomorrow (Sunday) we will be observing our "day of rest" but we will be back at this Monday afternoon at 4:15pm.  Monday we will be leaving El Pollo Loco (if you want to join us) and venturing through Chapman Heights off of 10th Street.

Look at what we accomplished in just a mere 3 days!!!  Still a ton to go but feeling good about our pace.

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