Monday, October 5, 2015

Dark Clouds Can't Stop Us

Dark clouds and a slight drizzle can't stop our journey!!!  After a break on Sunday, we picked up where we left off in Chapman Heights.  Parked at El Pollo Loco and traveled down the Blvd and up 10th Street.  Jill Caballero decided to start a collection of golf balls that she found all along this route (see picture below) and between the two of us, we became .08 cents richer :-)

This route took us through a great little community named ABERDEEN.  My son has two friends that live in this community so I've driven here a lot but when you walk these streets you see a lot of different things.  For example, this little track of homes has a lovely dirt path that run through the track,behind the homes and looks like such a peaceful walk.  They also have a quaint little park in the complex as well.

One note of caution, if you walk this route, many of the trees and bushes need to be trimmed back to allow for pedestrians to pass by without getting whacked by the limbs - and since the trees are more mature in this area, they have lifted a lot of the sidewalks, so be sure a look down often and LIFT YOUR FEET.  

We anticipate three more days in Chapman Heights before we have finished this area.  Tomorrow though, we can't walk after work, so we will be doing a 3-mile route during our lunchbreak starting from our office on 3rd Street.  This route includes a couple mobile home parks and we have decided that our quest is going to include ALL the streets inside ALL mobile home parks in Yucaipa as well.


(Our finds along the walk)

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