Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Bet you've never been here before.....

YEP..... bet you've never been to this part of Yucaipa before - but you drive past this area EVERY time you get on and off the freeway!!!  Just a stone's throw past Arco, is this quaint little area.  Cute older homes, followed by some huge beautiful ones and a long stretch of rode that takes you into Redlands.  We followed Overcrest up and over the hills until we reached the Orange Groves of Redlands.

This is a beautiful 4 mile walk with some great views of the valley.  The roads seems a little intimidating but were not as hard and the other day.  If you want a nice 4 mile walk,  I would strongly encourage you to try this one.

We have a break tomorrow (gotta go see if my UCLA Bruins can beat Cal at the Rose Bowl) but we will be back walking EVERY STREET IN YUCAIPA on Friday.  COME OUT AND JOIN US.... 4:15pm at Baker's.  We will be heading down Dunlap Road and up and around 17th & 16th Streets.  This route is pretty flat and we would love to have anyone join us.

Walking right along the I-10 freeway.

Jill Squared - YEP... that's us!!!

Greeted by this cute little French Bull Dog!

Views of the Valley......Beautiful!!!

Love this house!!!  Is it your's???

See the damn off in the distant!!!  Up at the top of Overcrest.

Did you know we have a Nature & Wildlife Sanctuary? I didn't!!

Tarantula number TWO on our walks!!

Overcrest & Tennessee - Walking Yucaipa


  1. Keep going ladies! The tarantulas are creepy!

  2. You ladies are making this challenge fun to watch! :D So ... where next?!!