Friday, October 23, 2015

A walk through Dunlap......

If you know Yucaipa, you know right where I'm talking about when I say "Dunlap".  Well that is where we are now on our quest t walk every street in Yucaipa!!  We parked our vehicles at Baker's and did a 5 mile loop along Dunlap Blvd., 18th, 17th and 16th Streets and Avenue E.  Yes, I know, we do not have any sidewalks in this area (and I think that is a whole additional topic that the City needs to address) but there is actually a nice amount of dirt paths to walk this entire area and still feel safe.

We are finding a whole different view of our town since traveling on foot.  You get to take your time passes cute houses, beautiful landscaping, playful dogs and friendly people when you aren't speeding pass at 45 mph - besides getting healthy on top of everything else.

Tomorrow we won't be continuing our quest to WALK EVERY STREET IN YUCAIPA because we will be raising money for Breast Cancer Awareness while participating in a 5k Color Run at CSU, San Bernardino (it's not too late to join us there - 8am at CSUSB), but we will be back at it Sunday morning (I talked Jill Caballero into a Sunday morning walk :-) where we will begin our walk at 18th Street and Sand Canyon Road and travel through the streets of Crafton Hills College before heading down 14th Street and wrapping our way around 15th and 16th Streets before ending at 7-11.  This will be a comfortable 4 mile walk.   For anyone wanting to join us - we will meet at 7:00am on 18th & Sand Canyon.

The beginning.... so not fair smelling all that food!!

Walking along Dunlap Blvd. - actually walking faster than the
Eastbound traffic towards Oak Glen Road!!

This is a nice, clean family mobile home park!!  and its HUGE!!!

Loved the mailbox!!!

What a cool house!!!  A mini baseball diamond and awesome pool!!

WHY?!?!  Every walk we go on there are these little liquor bottles.
Seriously, is it our teens sneaking alcohol or adults? and why cant they find a trashcan!!!

Daniel's Market.... I've always wanted to buy lottery from here.  Not sure why but I need to soon.....

Our town is BEAUTIFUL!!!  Look at these views!!

Barbara Costello, Jill and I at the end of our walk!!!

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