Tuesday, October 6, 2015

A lunchtime walk and A PIG.........


A little over 4 miles during our lunch break today.  We saw some weird alley type streets (with lots of cute houses on them), experienced our first two mobile home parks (yes, Jill says we have to walk every street inside the mobile home parks too) and we got to see.......A PIG!!!!  

Park Terrace was our first mobile home park we walked through.  This i an older park but we were very impressed with how clean it was.  A nice , small, established park - with a cute little grassy area.

Yucaipa Land Yacht Harbor.....  OMG, don't let the view from the street fool you.  Walk 50 feet into this mobile home park and it opens up into this beautiful oasis.  Beautiful double wide mobile homes, beautiful landscaping.  A real nice senior park.  I drive by this park 4-6 times a day and never realized how pretty it was.

A PIG..... who would have thought it?  Well, this is Yucaipa isn't it?  Doesn't everyone have a big black pig laying under their trampoline???  This big guy was sound asleep and, sometimes when you walk by (but not today), you will see his little turtle friend right next to him!!!

Tomorrow we will be meeting at 4:15pm at the Del Taco on 10th Street.  Our walk will take us up into Chapman Heights - just west of 10th Street.  Come join us if you want.

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