Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Golf course views......

Walking every street in Calimesa, took us on a great 4.49 mile walk today up along Myrtlewood and Harruby with some great views of the Calimesa Golf Course.

We had never been down some of these streets and they were all actually quite lovely.  Nice single family homes with great landscaping and lots of families out and and about with their kids.  We passed by a great 55+ community that overlooked the golf course on Summit View Drive.  There were a lot of little cul-de-sacs along this route, so not a lot of traffic.

A real nice walk with only one hill at the very end.  I would definitely recommend this walk to anyone looking to get out and walk!!

Starting out on California Street and Avenue L.

Great views at the end of California Street.

Heading down Myrtlewood

I think this is Donna Lane.
All of Calimesa Roads look like this.

Brady & Avenue L
and our beautiful mountains in the background.

Harruby & 3rd Street

Summit View Drive and the 55+ Community

2nd Place and lots of little cul-de-sacs!!

The hill and view on Fairway Lane.

Our sunset this evening!!!

Our treasures this route!!
The quarter is MINE :-)

and our final route....

Two walks......One Day!!!

On Saturday morning, Jill Squared headed out to conquer TWO walks in Calimesa!!!

We started bright and early with a nice brisk 5k, hosted by our Mesa View Middle School Mustangs.  This 3.5 mile walk took us from the middle school and up along Mustang Way to Bob's Big Boy and then back down Mustang Way to the campus.

If you've never taken the time to drive this mile road, you really should - the views are BEAUTIFUL!!!  Rolling green hills as far as the eye can see and, if you're lucky (which we weren't on this particular day), you will see the shepherd out with a flock of sheep roaming the hills.

Kicking off this walk at Mesa View Middle School.

Lots of people out getting healthy on this 5K.

The views along Mustang Way!!

Our finished route!!

After finishing the 5K, we decided to cover the rest of the streets in Calimesa south of the I-10 freeway between County Line and Mustang Way.  This section was a nice, but very rural, 5.33 miles.  No hills to speak of, two mobile home parks, lots of horses and two stray dogs that scared the crap out of us!!!

Heading out 7th Street from Bob's Big Boys.

Mobile Home Park #1 on the route
Villa Calimesa

The views from this park are GREAT!!!

A great view of the hills and MVMS from the top of Villa Calimesa.

Another great view.

Heading down Avenue L

Mobile Home Park #2 on route
South Mesa MHP

The end of the road on Avenue L.
Huge spread out homes on this street. Great views.

Creekside Park
A little hidden park on this side of the freeway!

Didn't even know we had one in town.  Beautiful horses!!

7th Place and County Line

Heading down County Line.

We loves this vine - Not sure what it's called though!!

These two German Shepherds came out of nowhere.
Gave us a warning bark to back up, so we did!!!

Beautiful horses!!!!

Archie Valley Court
A little unknown road off County Line.

Two walks = Two Cents!!
Our treasures!

Our final route.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Walking Calimesa - Avenue L to County Line....... DONE!!

Walking every street in Calimesa took us from 4th Street to Calimesa Blvd in between County Line and Avenue L.  The nice thing about this area, unlike Yucaipa, is NO HILLS!!!  This was a 4.84 mile walk, along some smaller cul-de-sacs and down the main thoroughfare of Calimesa Blvd.   We passed some nice single family homes on Buena Vista Road and Flordason Drive.  Along with lots of businesses along Calimesa Blvd. like the new Inland Cafe Coffee shop.

Tomorrow we cross over the I-10 to the southside of Calimesa, where we will be walking in the Running with Mustangs - Mesa View Middle School 5k and after te 5k, we will complete all the streets in the area south of the freeway.  

Starting off at 4th and County Line.

4th Street - No sidewalks, but thankfully
no traffic (yet).

New Park on 4th Street
Looks like a great place for families!

Heading down Avenue L

5th Street

Heading down County Line Road

Park Avenue
Calimesa Fire Department

Avenue K

County Line and Calimesa Blvd.

Inland Cafe

Stop by and grab a coffee!!

The sunset on Avenue K

Our favorite Thai place - Thai Chili!!

Avenue L - toward the freeway.
Real noisy here!!

A look up towards Calimesa Blvd.

Our treasures this route.