Friday, October 2, 2015

Walking the Streets of Yucaipa - Chapman Heights (Day #2)

Another beautiful day around the streets of Yucaipa started in Chapman Heights.  Today we started at Competitive Edge Charter Academy and finished the area east of 5th Street plus added a small section just west of 5th.  We had a couple of people join us (thanks for coming Barbara & Jenna).

Chapman Heights is such a nice place to walk - no matter where you are - beautiful homes, nicely decorated and great landscaping and the biggest thing (and safest) is sidewalks all around!!!

This is  definite "must walk" for those of you looking for nice, safe places to walk with just a moderate incline (aren't many walks in Yucaipa without a hill).

We continue our quest to walk ALL THE STREETS IN YUCAIPA tomorrow starting again at Competitive Edge Charter Academy but heading south on 5th Street beginning at 7:00am.  Meet us at CECA bright and early if you want to tag along!!!

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