Monday, December 21, 2015

WHISPER RIDGE.......Done!!!!

Today's 4.55 mile walk checked the Whisper Ridge area off our map.  If you don't know this area of our community - it's up off of Wildwood Canyon and just below Mesa Grande Road.  The properties in this area are large lots with beautiful large homes.  I want to do this drive in the evening BEFORE Christmas is over because many of the homes were beautifully decorated.

For you "walkers" out there, this was a nice, yet challenging, walk.  We started at the top of Mesa Grande and worked our way down the streets all the way to Holmes and Wildwood Canyon.  Because of us walking EVERY street in Yucaipa, we had to do some back tracking up some hills (but no cheating for Jill Squared).  Up at the top of Cherrywood Drive, you have a beautiful view of Hidden Meadows and there seems like there are some nice hiking trails in this area.

Taking a break tomorrow from walking Yucaipa, in order to walk Disneyland (anxious to see just how many steps I get in at the Happiest Place on Earth), but we will be back at our walks on Wednesday at 7:00am with our walk starting off Oak Grove Road and Wildwood Canyon and winding through the Mesa Grande area.  If you chose to join us remember to DRESS WARM!!!

Began our walk at the top of Mesa Grande Road
and saw this estate.  HEADQUARTERS...... hmmmm!!!!

Instead of Where's Waldo.....
Where oh where are Jill Squared?!?

Nice quiet streets.  

Beautiful Homes!!!  Love this wrap around porch!!

More beautiful views!

Hidden Meadows in the distance!!

Views and more views!!!

Wildwood Park!!!  A great park for kids, dogs and horse trails!!!

Love this tree!!!

Lots of dogs in the neighborhood.  These two were quite vocal!!!

More great views of beautiful homes!!


Sunset over Yucaipa!!!!  

Saturday, December 19, 2015

10.23 miles, 2:47 hours, 23,907 steps - A great start to the weekend!!!

Got the blood flowing on this walk.  You don't realize how many hills we have in Yucaipa, until you actually have to walk all the way up each and EVERY one of them and today we had 6 or 7 BIG ONES!!!

Our 10.23 mile walk started at the bottom of Bryant Street & Wildwood Canyon Road.  We wound our way up to Douglas and then up further to Fremont Street.  The streets were quiet this early in the morning and it was a long, challenging but great walk!!!

Tomorrow is our day off, but then we start in the Whisper Ranch Area which means MORE HILLS!!!

7:00am - LET'S DO THIS!!!
Good morning Yucaipa.  Another beautiful sunrise!!

Starting this walk with a nice size hill on Bryant!!

Views - Glorious Views!!!

Nice little streets in upper Yucaipa.

Do you know where we are??
Our first time on these streets!!

Seriously City - Why can't you improve these streets?!?

I never get tired of the clear views of the valley!!

More views of the streets around upper Yucaipa.

Where Avenue E ends!!
Hidden Canyon Estates???  

This use to be open dirt road to some nice driving trails.

Walked up this hill - BARELY!!!
Thank God for the downhill!

Loved this house.  I didn't get pictures but they have lots of cool signs along with these old train cars!!

HUGE Beautiful Cactus'.  Wonder how old they are!!


Thursday, December 17, 2015

Feeling on top of the world......

YEP.... that's how we felt on this walk - ON TOP OF THE WORLD!!!  Tonight we were joined on our walk by Linda Dorsett as we started our walk at Flag Hill Park - if you've never been to this part of town, it is at the very end of Yucaipa Blvd. and Fremont Street.  This is the city's Veteran's Park and has a beautiful view of our entire valley. Definitely work a visit, if you've never been here.

Anyway, we started here at Flag Hill Park and walked all the way up this little road called Knoll Drive (it's marked private - but we made an exception on this one cause I wanted to see where it led).  Knoll Drive give you BEAUTIFUL views all the way to the San Bernardino area (especially on a clear evening like tonight).  We then went UP (quite a hill) Grandview Drive.  At the top of Grandview is a new street called Fletcha Street.  If you park along Fletcha Street, there are tons of hiking trails all through those hills (we'll be trying some of those a little later in the Spring).

On our way back down Grandview, we turned in the Fremont Heights Mobile Home Park - a beautiful 55+ mobile home park with AWESOME views of our community.  You have to have the stamina to make it all the way to the top to get the best views!!

This challenging 3.5 mile walk really gets your blood flowing.  I would definitely recommend this walk for those wanting to get their heart rate up.  Our quest to WALK EVERY STREET IN YUCAIPA, will begin again at Flag Hill Park tomorrow at 4:15pm and take use up down and around Fremont, Avenue E, Douglas and Avenue D.  Come join us - if you'd like!!!

Flag Hill Park - Lots of military exhibits!

The view from way up on Knoll Drive!!

A Smoke Stack???  

Anyone know what this is from???

Looks like its become a party spot :-(

A cool looking house nested inside the canyon.
Jill & Linda - finally on the down hill stretch of Grandview Drive.

A beautiful mobile home park in town!!!

The view from the highest point in Fremont Heights Mobile Home Park!
What a sunset!  What a view!!!

Another view.  See that strip on lights - that's Yucaipa Blvd.!!

A nice 3.5 mile walk!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Another neighborhood completed........

Today's walk was a short little jaunt around Acacia, Rancho and Douglas and completed the area North of Yucaipa Blvd. and East of Bryant.  Each street we walk makes us one street closer to our goal of WALKING EVERY STREET IN YUCAIPA.

Thursday we will begin the area East of Bryant and South of Yucaipa Blvd - starting at Flag Hill Park.  Feel free to join us as we travel the street of our little community.

Beautiful colors!!

We realized that we haven't seen too many cats
along our walks. Today we saw THREE!!

Santa was spotted just off of Rancho Road.

Do you live near this area?  If so, we probably past by your house!!

Nice quiet streets. Beautiful views!

We loved the maturity of the trees along this street.
The homes have lots of character too!!

Yucaipa's Veteran's Park - Flag Hill Park!!

Monday, December 14, 2015

It was a chilly December evening.........

Brrrrr.........  Ear muffs, mittens and sweatshirts can't keep the chill in the air from penetrating our bones, but nothing can stop us from our walks around the streets on Yucaipa.

Today was a nice, crisp 3.06 mile walk starting at Date & Comberton and winding east towards Douglas and Rancho and then back down to Correll.  There were many streets in this area that neither Jill Cab nor I had ever seen.  These are mostly older neighborhoods, with established homes.  I loved the character in a lot of these homes with huge trees shedding their leaves all over the streets.  This was actually an easy walk (for those not wanting too many hills).  I would definitely recommend this walk for those beginners out there - you could even add a few more turns to give yourself a little more distance.

Wanna join us tomorrow?  We will be starting at 4:15pm at Acacia & Bryant.  Tomorrow will be an easy 2.75 mile walk to complete the area east of Bryant and north of Yucaipa Blvd!!!

Cornell & Bryant - started and ended right near here!

Bryant Street offers a small bike lane -
So be careful when walking along this street!!

LOVE - the snow capped mountains!!!

If anyone wants to buy me this,
I would LOVE it!!!  Love my Snowmen!!!

Auburn & Auburn..... huh?
Couldn't they think of any other names?

I hope you never get tired of these sunset pictures,
cause I'm going to always post them :-)

OMG....  this house was destroyed by a fire.
How absolutely horrible!!

A nice 3.06 mile walk on pretty much
level ground.  Follow our map and give
it a try!!!