Saturday, October 10, 2015

My birthday walk......

Yep... got it right.  It's my birthday and the first thing I did was go on a 4.5 mile in Stanley Ranch.  Yes, we left the Chapman Heights area today and ventured over to Stanley Ranch.  I thought it was because Jill Caballero wanted a change of scenery, but actually she was scheming with my family (that lives in that area) to have a surprise Birthday Breakfast for me this morning!!

But enough about me getting old and let's get back to our quest to Walk Every Street in Yucaipa.  Starting off of Grape Street we went up and down and around every street in the Stanley Ranch area.  These large, custom homes are BEAUTIFUL!!!  Beautifully landscaped and gorgeous homes!!  It was such a peaceful walk this morning, with the birds chirping, the rosters crowing and goats baa'ing (is that what they do).    There are definitely some major elevation changes along this route, so you will for sure feel the calorie burn, but if you can handle the hills, it is a beautiful walk!!

Our sunrise from the top of one of the streets in Stanley Ranch.

I simply love this plant.  Have no idea what it is called, but the vibrate purple flowers are beautiful.

Jill Caballero likes her succulents and really loved this cactus type plant.  Nice drought resistance landscape in this yard! 

Found this little cul-de-sac off of one of the side streets in the area and this is their view of the valley from their side yard!  All the little beauties of our community!

Sunday we will not be walking but we will be back at it Monday with one last route in Chapman Heights to finish that area.  See you then!!

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