Saturday, October 17, 2015

Spiders and Snakes and Hills.....oh my!!!!

Spiders and Snakes and Hills......oh my!!  Well maybe I should clarify - one spider (albeit a large tarantula), one snake (ok well maybe it was a "little" snake, but it was still a snake.  Oh and maybe I failed to mention it was DEAD, but it was still a snake...haha) but lots of hills - yes, the hills were plentiful!!!

Welcome Back!!!!  After a brief few days off due to work, we are back at our quest to WALK EVERY STREET IN YUCAIPA!!!  This morning we started off at 7:00am for a 5.84 mile walk that started at YAPS, went up Sand Canyon (past Crafton Hills College) and then down into The Reserve and finished on Tennessee and 16th.

This walk had many hills but is a GREAT 1.5 hour walk.  Definitely be aware of your surroundings during this walk, because several areas have you walking on the street (gotta love our areas without sidewalks).   None the less, we never felt unsafe and there is plenty of room in bike lanes to walk.

Monday we will be meeting at 4:15pm at the Park & Ride by Arco and walking the streets up behind the Arco and up off Overcrest.  This route will include a couple larger hills but we would love anyone to join us - if you want.

We are lucky to have such a nice community college right in our backyard.
THE RESERVE..... A nice community in the foothills below Crafton Hills College.
These homes are really decorated cute for Halloween and have some beautiful landscaping as well.

At first I thought this was a Halloween decoration, but once it raised his backside at me, I knew I was wrong!!!
My first experience with a tarantula!!
SEE..... I told you there was a snake.  Yes its small and Yes its dead.....buts its still a snake!!

Did you know this water tank was down in this area????  I sure didn't!!!!  The things we find when we slow down and "look" at our community, rather than flying right by it in our cars!!

Some of the cute Halloween decorations we saw along our walk!

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  1. I know that house with the decor!