Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Feeling the chill in the air........ all through Yucaipa!!!

Welcome back!!  After taking a few days off while Jill Caballero decided she needed to travel to Missouri to visit her boys, we are right back at our quest to WALK EVERY STREET IN YUCAIPA. 

This beautiful crisp Fall day's walk took us along the final streets in the Dunlap area - starting at 16th and Dunlap.  We traveled Kentucky, 15th and 16th before heading west on Dunlap Road and winding back where we began.  With the time change, our walks are going to be a bit shorter but this was a nice 3.16 mile route.  

A tiny bit of Yucaipa trivia.......  we all know that Yucaipa is known for their MANY mobile home parks...right??  And remember, Jill Caballero decided we were walking EVERY street inside EVERY mobile home park.....  So.... how many mobile home parks do you think are in the Dunlap area (west of Oak Glen, south of Avenue E and north of the freeway)????  The answer surprised me... but it's ONE!!!!  Yep.... just one park in this entire area!!  I guess that means we are in for a lot of mobile home parks as we move to a different area of town!!!  

Red sky at night....sailor's delight!!!

Fall has arrived over Yucaipa.
Have you seen the Adobe in town?  Take a drive a check it out.
Wonderful piece of history.

Greeted by many dogs in this area.
Just warning us that they were there!!!

Another "alley" type street in town, but, YEP, we walked it!!

Oak Glen & 14th Street at sunset!!

Chapman..... CHECK
Dunlap ........ CHECK
Crafton ....... CHECK
Stanley Ranch...... CHECK

Now where do we go????  I guess NORTH BENCH sounds good.  See you tomorrow at 4:15pm at Topaz and Bryant!!!!

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