Monday, October 26, 2015

Don't Leave ME in charge of the Maps ;-)

Yep..... losing my key one day and the next, taking us down (WAY DOWN) the wrong!!

Our route today was suppose to start at Farmer Boy's and head down 13th Street to Kentucky, so my face must have shown my shock after we already put in 1.5 miles when I looked up and saw the sign for 13th Street.  Oops..... sorry Jill Caballero.... but its all good.  We just added to our route again today!!!  Maybe subconsciously I think we need a higher calorie burn, who knows!!!

Anyway, our journey today, in our quest to WALK EVERY STREET IN YUCAIPA, continued in the Dunlap area.   The streets are definitely busier in the afternoon than they were on Sunday morning, so you have to be careful (no sidewalks) and pay attention to where you are walking.

Dunlap is actually a nice area.  It always gets the "bad rap" of being the "older part of Yucaipa" but if you take your time and walk the area, you see cute little older homes and hidden cul-de-sacs.  I told Jill thought that, after our challenge is over, I very well may begin my campaign with the City of Yucaipa to get these streets paved (and quit tearing them up) and get some curbing and sidewalks!!!  I think its sad that this area seems to have been "forgotten" by the City and is often overlooked for road improvements.  But that's for another day and another challenge (cause I'm sure it will be one).

Back to our walk today, we started at 7-11 and headed down 14th Street (although we were suppose to be on 13th Street...oops) all the way to Kentucky.  Kentucky ends into 12th Street so we headed up 12th zig zagging on all the little alley like side streets.  Our walk was a very comfortable 4.86 miles without any hills at all.  If you don't mind not having sidewalks, this is a great beginner walk (being that there are not any hills).

A nice entry into the dirt trail along the wash.  My goal is to one day, walk the entire length of this wash.
Proud American.  I love a beautiful American Flag waving in the breeze!!

A nice little quiet area in the Dunlap area.

Dunlap Dolphins!!!  A great school with great employees!!!!

Start and end at 7-11 on 14th Street.

We will not be walking again until Thursday and will be starting our walk at Dunlap Elementary School - Thursday at 4:15pm.  Would love to have you join us - thanks Karen Tuttle for joining us today!!

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