Monday, October 12, 2015


Well.....WE DID IT.....  We finished walking every street in the Chapman Heights area.  I know this is just a small area of Yucaipa, but it was still an accomplishment!!!  Today was a hot one, but God smiled down on us and brought in this beautiful cloud covering just in time for our walk.  

God's beautiful cloud covering - just in time for our walk!!!

We started at Chapman Heights Elementary School and headed west on Chapman Heights Road.  Going through the last little track of homes off of Comstock, we got some breathtaking views of our community.  We ended our walk tonight by continuing west on Chapman Heights Road until 13th Street, we went down past YAPS (believe it or not - no dogs we barking) and then we proceeded to walk all the little streets inside Yucaipa High School (although they aren't "named" streets, Jill Caballero decided we had to do them)!!!  A nice 4.62 mile walk.  Some hills initially and definitely would be a bear if you had to walk all the way back - we parked one car at the beginning of our route and one at the end.  

Sadly, we will not be walking over the next few days (at least not in Yucaipa), as work is sending me to Sacramento.  But Jill and I will be back at it first thing Saturday morning in our quest to WALK EVERY STREET IN YUCAIPA!!!  See you then!!!

Up behind the Chapman Heights community, is a nice, well-maintained path.  If you haven't done it yet, I would highly recommend this walk.  Go with a buddy and park one car at each end :-)  

  I love the sidewalks along Chapman Heights Road.  Well shaded and beautifully landscaped.  This is a great community to walk in.  Everyone we pass is very friendly and, on a side note, we did not encounter any stray or dangerous dogs along any of our routes

This beautiful little sitting area is fairly new, I believe.   It's towards the furtherest west entrance into the trail behind the homes in Chapman Heights and even has a water area, in case you are walking your dog.

Great View of our town from the top of these streets.
It's US...... The J-Walkers or Jill Squared (as you know us)!!
YHS football practice in full force!!!!

The newest addition to this area is the new baseball park.  Still working on it, but it looks almost complete!!!  

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