Sunday, October 25, 2015

Where's my key........... OOPS!!!

I will get to the meaning behind the title in just a second, but first let me tell you - early morning walks in Yucaipa are THE BEST!!!  Some of our routes have us parking one car at the end of our route and then driving the other car to the top of our route - and that was the case today.  I parked my car at our end location (7-11 on 14th Street) and then we drove Jill's car up to the top of 18th Street to start our walk.  Today's early morning walk took us up through the streets on the campus of Crafton Hills College (if you haven't had a chance to walk these streets, they are peaceful and beautiful.  

MAKE SURE you turn north on EmeraldViewDrive (it leads to the CHC Maintenance shop) but the view of the San Bernardino Valley is spectacular!!!

If you have the stamina to conquer the hills up here, towards the east end of the campus, you can see the beautiful new olympic size swimming pool and acres of the huge solar panels.

Our sunrise this beautiful Sunday morning!!
Views of the Yucaipa Valley from CHC

Heading down Campus Drive (on the East side of the campus), you get a beautiful view of the Yucaipa Valley.  There is a nice trail head and parking lot at the top of the road here as well.  A definite "must do" when it cools off and the snakes aren't out as much!!

More views of our valley.

.....and one more!!

After we left the Crafton Hills College area, we made our way around 15th, 16th, Avenue E and Avenue D streets in the Dunlap area.  It was a nice, quiet morning walk.  We were greeted by nice, tail wagging dogs, a few cats, a yard full of chickens and rosters and this momma duck and her ducklings!!!

Now back to the title of this blog.... WHERE'S MY KEY.....  Well, after a lovely 4 mile walk, what could make it any better except realizing I left my key in Jill's car (at the top of Sand Canyon Road)!!!  She was a real trooper though and didn't send me walking that hill alone, we hoofed it back UP that hill (see picture below), added another 1.27 miles to our route but found my key :-)

NOTE TO SELF.....  Don't ever end a long walk with an uphill climb like this!!!

So, we started our quest to WALK EVERY STREET IN YUCAIPA on October 1st.  Since we can't walk every day (due to "life"), we have walked 14 total days thus far, covered 62.88 miles in just 13 hours and 54 minutes with an average pace of 16.38/mile.  

Tomorrow we will be starting again at the 7-11 on 14th Street and walking through the Dunlap area.  If you want to join us, meet us at 4:15pm.  Hope to see you there!!!

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