Sunday, February 28, 2016

........... and WE DID IT!!!!

After 69 total walks, nearly 332 miles in just shy of 90 total hours - we can officially say WE WALKED EVERY STREET IN YUCAIPA.

What seemed like an almost unattainable challenge on October 1st, when we stepped out onto our first official walk (on 2nd Street in Chapman Heights) turned into quite the adventure and something we looked forward to with each walk.

Through rain and shine, on asphalt and dirt, in mobile home parks and along pot-holed streets - WE DID IT!!!

Today we wrapped up this journey with a beautiful morning walk down Yucaipa Blvd. from Flag Hill Park.  We got to hear piped in music along the Historic District and we passed many of our citizens out for their morning strolls.  We walked the sidewalks until 14th Street and then had to deal with the infamous lack of sidewalks in town, for the bottom half of the blvd.

Follow our last journey, through the our eyes, in the pictures below.  We hope you've enjoyed our blog and maybe our walks have opened your eyes to things in our community that you might not have know existed.  I think, if nothing else, Jill and I hope that our journey might encourage others to get off their couches and out of their cars and see our town at street level - because it truly is a beautiful place to live!!!

A beautiful view of our wonderful town - YUCAIPA!!
Our last walk starting at Flag Hill Park - Let's Do This - Jill Squared!!

Good morning world!
A beautiful sunrise in Yucaipa!

Starting our on Yucaipa Blvd.

Heading down the Blvd.

View from Bryant.

Our Historic District.

The infamous Roundabouts!!

Moving on down the Blvd.
Angus McCurdy's....  YUMMY!!

They didn't have an official sign -
Our last Mobile Home Park
Hideaway MHP.
Lot's of open green space still in town!  LOVE IT!!

Made it to 5th Street!!

City Hall & Police Department
with Crafton Hills in the background!!

NEW Starbucks......  Have you been there yet?!?

7th Street Hill
At least we only had to walk DOWN it!!

Von's Shopping Center
Location for too many accidents :-(

I can't wait....YUMMY!!!

Moving on down the Blvd.
Oak Glen Road!!!

Do you golf?!
Yucaipa Valley Golf Course!!

Yucaipa High School

12th Street
Hometown Hero Military Banners
LOVE our Military!!

We still have sidewalks.... YIPEE!!

13th Street - YAPS!!

Yuc-Cal Motel
Just thought I'd post this...haha!!

New unoccupied buildings in the lower part of town.

She's hates her backside being in my pictures,
but I wanted to get the little tiny path we had to walk on!!!

Where's the sidewalk????
No side walk AND no bike path!!

Baker's and the NEW site for In-N-Out....  YUMMY!!!
Our walk today - 6.57 miles!!!

WE DID IT!!!  Every Street in Yucaipa!!!


  1. You missed Northview MHP. There's even a cool bottle tree ;) This looks like fun though. I need to do this.

    1. We went through North View. Did it towards the beginning of our journey!!!

  2. Congratulations, petty awesome accomplishment. Thanks for sharing it and motivating myself and others.

    Daryl O.