Wednesday, February 17, 2016

A little rain won't slow us down!!!

Although we thought we would beat the rain, our 4.25 mile walk today proved a little too long and we got caught in some of that predicted drizzle.

Today's journey to WALK EVERY STREET IN YUCAIPA started on 4th Street and County Line Road.  Traveling up to 3rd, back down 2nd and winding up on California Street got us one walk and three streets closer to finishing our goal.

Today's walk took us onto some quiet family streets, with lots of kids out and about enjoying the raindrops.  We past by Calimesa Elementary School and completed one more mobile home park.

Down to our last 10 walks before finishing every street in town, we will begin tomorrow at 2nd and County Line and grab all the streets between 2nd and Douglas.

Continue to follow journey through the pictures of our community below......

Turner Lane
A little street right behind Casa Trejo.

The cutest dalmation mixed dog.  SO CUTE!!

Santa Rosa Drive - a little dirt road off 3rd Street.

Stormy skies at night.  Beautiful views!!

More views along our walk.

Lots of open fields still in town.

Vickey Way - First time ever being on this street.

Our local brewery!!!  

Valley Breeze Mobile Home Park
A very nice, clean 55+ park.

The view of Calimesa Elementary from
Valley Breeze.

San Carlos - Lots of kids out playing.

Another view of Calimesa Elementary

Calimesa Elementary School

San Rosen Court

Our final walk!!

County Line Road.

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