Monday, February 15, 2016

W.W.W. - Week Worth of Walks

Last week we were very busy with walking EVERY STREET IN YUCAIPA.  Over the week we finished the area north of Wildwood Canyon, East of Oak Glen, South of Yucaipa Blvd and west of 7th Street.

Our walks took us past Valley Elementary, 7th Street Park, My House :-), a cul-de-sac full of friendly chickens and ended with a long stretch of Calimesa Blvd (Oak Glen to Avenue J).

Catch a little glimpse of our adventures through the pictures of our town.....

First stop...... a nice 4.3 mile walk along the streets that took us past MY HOUSE :-)

Making sure the cars can see us.
Security vests in full force!!


Heading south on 7th Street from Avenue E.

Is it a street or an alley?
Either way - WE WALKED IT!!

Keep up everyone!!!  

Another Yucaipa Sunset!!!

Heading down Columbia from Plum Tree.

HEY.... that's my house :-))

Fairview Drive!!

More views along 7th Street.

Clark & 7th Street

Aladdin Mobile Estates
A nice older mobile home park.

Another view of our sunset this evening!!

The next day we continued down Washington Street, Avenue E and up 10th Street....    Great area to walk - lots of sidewalks and minimal traffic.  This is a very peaceful walk with lots of views.....

Starting off on Washington Street & 8th Street.
Nice view down to the valley.

We were greeted by this little fella'.... so cute!!

Crazy, beautiful clouds this evening over town!!

Jill has turned into the Animal Whisperer....

Washington Drive cul-de-sac off of 9th Street.

More views off of Washington & 9th Street

Washington Street.... It was quite long :-)

Another little guy greeting us....
Or warning us to stay away from his yard;-)

Pecan Avenue

Heading west on Avenue E.

I love the trails along Avenue E.

This guy popped up over the wall and scarred us!!!

Love the color in the sky this night.

Heading north on 10th Street -
On the North side of Avenue E

The view from the very top of 10th Street.

Our final route this evening!!

We moved down to Calimesa Blvd on our walk this day......  Definitely a little tougher walk - no sidewalks, lots of traffic and A LOT OF TRASH!!!!  

Starting out on Avenue I and Calimesa Blvd.

Views along Calimesa Blvd. - looking down Avenue H.

More views along Calimesa Blvd.

No sidewalks...... YIKES!!!

Hillcrest Mobile Home Estates

I have always loved this mobile home park.
A beautiful 55+ community.

More from inside Hillcrest Mobile Estates.

No caption required!!

Back on Calimesa Blvd. heading west.  

Calimesa Blvd & Wildwood Canyon Road.

Lots of trash along the fence line
going down Calimesa Blvd.

Our complete route for this day!!
3.82 miles of streets completed!!

We added another 4.47 miles of streets on this walk along Colorado Street and into the Wildwood Canyon Country Estates........  This is one of my favorite walks (I do it regularly from my house) cause of the nice horse trails long the route.

Starting off at Colorado Street & Wildwood Canyon Road.
Thankfully we were walking DOWN this hill!!

YHS Cross Country!!

Mission Drive - a nice little cul-de-sac along our walk!!

I just liked this picture - so I thought I would share it ;-)

Colorado Street and 8th Street

Heading down 8th Street - south of Colorado.

Wildwood Canton Country Estates

Love this track of homes.  Beautiful homes,
great landscaping and SIDEWALKS!!

More views from Wildwood Canyon Country Estates

.....and more views!!

This is the hill that normally has cows roaming all over it.

Everyone should be walking in the evening -
This is what you get to see!!!

Our route this evening.
A great 4.47 mile walk!!

We wound up this WEEK WORTH OF WALKS with a real doozie of a walk.  This route took us along Colorado Street all the way down to Oak Glen Road - and if we go down a hill it's more than likely WE HAVE TO GO BACK UP!!!  This 4.95 mile walk was a challenge, but we managed to get it done and we did it with a 15:48 mile pace!!!

Heading west on Colorado Street towards 11th Street.
The sun was in our eyes almost this entire walk!!
In keeping with the tradition of seeing lots of animals -
We came across this very noisy geese!!!

Country Place - off of Colorado.
Great views of Crafton Hills.

Heading down Colorado Street still.

At the end of 11th Street (South of Colorado) we were
greeted by these overly friendly chickens!!

I did mention....they were FRIENDLY, right?!?!

....and Jill is now the "Chicken Whisperer".....

Heading down THE BEAST!!!
Gotta be on-guard on this street - No sidewalks and curves!!

The views fromColorado are amazing!!

How much longer before this beautiful field is developed???
Hopefully NEVER!!!
....and back UP we go!!!

11th Street & Lotus Avenue
A nice quiet community!!

Did you see this on FB?  On 10th Street - this tree was huge and broke off.
Thank God it missed the house!!!

Ah yes....  Wouldn't be complete without a sunset!!

This route will push your abilities, but
if you want to challenge yourself -

This WEEK WORTH OF WALKS had us complete the majority of the streets in Yucaipa.  We are down to only a dozen more walks  before we can say, that we WALKED EVERY STREET IN YUCAIPA.  Our walks are jumping over the wash (yes, we will be walking Avenue G soon), and are taking us between Avenue H and County Line Road.

Continue to follow our progress and we continue to blog about them.

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