Sunday, February 21, 2016

Walking Whisper Ranch and the Red Tiled Roof Community.

Unlike most of our weeks, we decided to bust out an early Sunday morning walk.  Still dealing with sore muscles fro our 10 miles yesterday, we sucked it up and pounded out another 8.70 miles.

We started up at the highest point in Whisper Ranch on Canyon Crest Road.  We zig zagged our way up and down the hills of Whisper Ridge before tackling the cul-de-sacs of The Village.  We crossed over Mesa Grande and completed the Red Tiled Roof Community (that's what I was told this area was called) of all those streets named for women - Leah, Sharon, Elaine, Beverly, Pamela, Deborah, Margaret, Jennifer, Rebecca, Sarah, Rachel, and Harriet.  We ended our walk today passing Wildwood Elementary School and Green Valley High School.

With adding this walk this weekend, I think we are on track to end our challenge of WALKING EVERY STREET IN YUCAIPA by this coming weekend.

Hope you continue to enjoy our pictures of our wonderful town.

Whisper Ranch - Our starting point.

Love this community.  Tough hills - but beautiful homes!!

Sunrise over the hills.  

More views in Whisper Ridge

A monkey in the tree......

..... and a Zombie in the planter!!!

Do you know where we are?

Unobstructed views from the top of County Line!!
We had to check out all the rules
before walking on this street!!!

Entering Country Village -
off of Mesa Grande

A great planned community!!

Entering the Red Tile Roof Community-
Otherwise known as Sharon Way!!

More of the streets names for Women.

Wildwood Elementary School

Another view of Wildwood Elementary

Green Valley High School &
Yucaipa Adult School

Lots of ups and lots of downs!


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