Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Almost Done......... Finished off Holmes to Douglas

Another 3.82 miles DONE!!!  Finished off the area between Douglas and Holmes.  Great streets to walk - of course, no sidewalks (for the most part), but these residential streets are great for walking.  Loved that there were so many kids outside playing as well.

Today we completed the entire area south of the wash and north of County Line.  Our next two walks this week will be in the Hidden Meadows area and then we will finish off with a long walk along Avenue G and then our final walk down Yucaipa Blvd.

I can't believe this challenge we started back on October 1st will be over in 4 more walks!!!

Starting off on County Line Road...

Walked this little road off of County Line.
Hillview Lane

Holmes Street

Green Valley High School
Beautiful mountains in the background.

Love these victorian homes off of Santa Maria.

Country Creek Drive

I love the sky in this picture.

Our sunset tonight.  BEAUTIFUL

Douglas Street.

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