Thursday, February 18, 2016

Moving on the top..... of County Line Road!!!

Yep.....  we are moving on up County Line Road.  Today we walked all the street between Avenue H and County Line - below Douglas and above California!!!  Our walked had us pass the other half of Jill Squared house, and included some really cute home and nice neighborhoods.  We were hoping to see a pig that lives on County Line Road, but he wasn't out when we passed by :-(

This was a great, fairly easy, 4.57 mile walk.  Although, as usual, we didn't have many sidewalks - once we got off County Line Road the side streets had sidewalks, were relatively quiet and great walking roads.

We will be taking tomorrow off, but Saturday we have a monster of a walk - starting up on Scenic Crest (at the top of Hidden Meadows) and walking all the way down Wildwood Canyon Road to Calimesa Blvd.

Hope you enjoy the views of our city, as we saw it today....

Heading East on County Line Road

Douglas Street

....and a walk wouldn't be complete with Jill Cab
making a friend.  

Loved the view of the sky.

Custer Street off Bonita

The "other" Jill's house...
Do you like the paint on the left side of the garage or the right??

More views of our walk....

Douglas and Santa Rosa

We found where the Pittsburg Steeler
RV is stored.....  BLACK & GOLD!!

I miss his TP that he had in his front yard!!!
Did you ever see it??

What's this I see.....  SIDEWALKS!!

Our friend Cindy's house!!

Bryant Street Baptist Church

San Pablo Drive

WOW!!!  Beautiful sunset!!

Our final route!!


  1. You guys are very close to my house. When you walk on Penrose ln you will hear my dog Sampson bark and if he is inside you will see him look out the window.

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