Friday, February 26, 2016

Hidden Meadows - Walk #2.........DONE!!!!

We completed our second walk in Hidden Meadows tonight and it was just as beautiful as the first one.  The homes in this area are beautiful, the views are spectacular and the hills are MASSIVE!!!  So I should start my admitting that I don't know how to count?  I told the other half of Jill Squared that we had THREE big hills, while when we actually started walking, we had about SIX!!!  I'm not sure if I'm ever going to hear the end of that one!!!!

So our walk was a vigorous 4.59 mile walk, like I mentioned before, lots of hills but the views at the top of Shadow Valley Lane are worth every calorie we burned getting up to the top.  Our walk brought back some childhood memories too.  We passed by Wi-Wo-Ca Girl Scout Camp which I attended as a young girl scout and my daughter attend when I was her girl scout leader (yes, I was a girl scout leader)!!!  We also got to pass by our local celebrity's house as well.  Yep, we have celebrities living in the Hidden Meadows area - our very own Storage Wars auctioneers!!!

Enjoy the views and homes we saw today, in the pictures below, as we near our final walk in our quest to WALK EVERY STREET IN YUCAIPA!!!

We loved our walks in the area!!

Starting our Shadow Valley Lane

One of MANY houses we loved along this walk.

A spectacular view from the top. 

Every hill we went down,
we had to come back up!!

Views upon views upon views!!

Wi-Wo-Ca Girl Scout Camp
(sorry it was blurry)

Celebrity Home on the Hills

Loved this dry scape yard!!

More magnificent homes!!!

Huge BEAUTIFUL homes!!

Love the huge porches.

Another neighborhood - just as pretty!!

Spring is definitely in the air.  Lots of colors!!

No caption required!!

I could have taken 100's of pictures of homes we loved!

Jill and I are in love with succulents!!!  This one was huge!

One of our last hills!!!  But....  WE DID IT!!!

So impressed with our walks
and our times!!

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