Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Moving on up County Line....

We are moving on up County Line Road as we continue WALKING EVERY STREET IN YUCAIPA.  Just when you think that there can't be many more mobile home parks in town, we get THREE in this 4.90 mile walk - Holiday, Bonanza and Patrician.

Our walk today started off at the corner of Calimesa Blvd. and County Line Road and headed up to 4th Street and Avenue H.  Most of our miles today came in the streets inside the mobile home parks.  The end of this journey is in sight with only 10 more walks left!!!

County Line Road - Heading East.

First stop....  Holiday Mobile Home Park

Lots of traffic on this route.
and.....  NO SIDEWALKS!!

Second Stop.... Bonanza Mobile Home Park

Beautiful view of the mountains from Bonanza.

Last stop, Patrician Mobile Home Park.

4th Street and County Line Road

This beautiful Doberman was watching guard!!

More views of 4th Street

Our completed walk.  

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