Tuesday, March 1, 2016

CALIMESA......... READY, SET......GO!!!!

Wrapped up our walk around Yucaipa this past weekend and started our challenge to WALK EVERY STREET IN CALIMESA today!!!  A great 5.17 mile walk in 1:16.

Have you every noticed all those homes up on the hills to the east of Calimesa and Yucaipa?  For all these years, I seen them up there but never knew how to get up to see them up close.  Well today we found out....YOU CAN'T!!!  Yep, the hills to the east is a gated community called Oak Hills Estates and the gated entrance in Calimesa, off of Selrocco, was the beginning of our walk today.

The entrance to Oak Hills Estate

The view down Selrocco Drive.

A massive hill on Arabian Way -
Killer but WE DID IT!!

The top of Arabian Way!!

We continued down Selrocco to Fremont where we encountered this No Trespassing Sign that blocked off the area that was suppose to be JP Ranch.  Looking through the gate, we saw streets - streets we needed to walk - streets without any traffic - and....OMG.... a downed fence to the left meant......  WE COULD WALK THEM!!!

An inviting entrance to the area in Calimesa
where time stood still!!!

Old water tanks in JP Ranch

The streets in JP Ranch

Heading out Bryant Street

Looking out over this undeveloped area.
Love the sounds of the birds and seeing the rabbits!

Back on Bryant Street

The goats on Douglas Street off of Avenue L.

The beautiful church on Avenue L.

Heading down Avenue L.  Love the rural streets in Calimesa.

Mesa Grande Academy - Fremont Street

Heading up County Line to Holmes Street.

Beautiful horses on Holmes Street.

Is a caption really needed for this beautiful sunset!!

Holmes Way

Holmes and Ronda Court

Ronda Court

This is our findings for this walk...
a entire ONE penny!!

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