Saturday, February 20, 2016

Can't Believe We Did It...... Wildwood Canyon - All 9.83 miles of it!!!

No better way to start our weekend, then to get in a 9.83 mile walk.  In our challenge to WALK EVERY STREET IN YUCAIPA, today we tackled Wildwood Canyon.  Not just part of it - BUT THE ENTIRE THING!!!

Starting up at Scenic Crest and Wildwood Canyon, we also covered Wild Poppy Lane, County Line Road and Butterfly Drive before heading down the hill to the end at Wildwood Canyon and Calimesa Blvd.  We purposely started this walk early, in the hopes that we would get through a lot of it before the traffic got busy.  THAT was NOT the case on this beautiful Saturday morning.  Most of Wildwood Canyon has a bike lane, but there are a few areas that you need to really be paying attention.  And although you would think this would be an easier "downhill" walk, there were actually quite a few hills that we had to go UP!!

Once we got past Holmes, there are several cul-de-sacs that we had to grab - Grant Street, Connor Court, Vita Lane and Sundance Court on the north side and then Barbara Lane, Penny Lane and Nebraska Street on the south side.

If you want to see our walk at street level, check out our pictures below.....

Here we go....

Scenic Crest - WAY at the TOP!!!

Love the views of Oak Glen across the fields!!

Scenic Crest....

We loved this tree!!

Sunrise over the hills.....

Wildwood Canyon Road
oh....and our shadows!!

You can see all the way into the Yucaipa Valley.

More views down into the valley.

Butterfly Drive.....

More views of the mountain community
in Hidden Meadows.

We still have the streets in Hidden Meadows to do
but here's a little tease.....

Walking alongside the reservoir (or is it a wash)?

Greeted by a lot of dogs on this route.
Sorry to all of you the we woke up by making your dogs bark!!

Wildwood Canyon Park Entrance

Great walking paths along Wildwood Canyon.

More walking paths....

One of the cul-de-sacs on our route.

Wildwood Canyon near Barbara Lane.

The view from the end of Barbara Lane.

More views on Barbara Lane.

Wildwood Canyon & Bryant Street

Wildwood Canyon & California Street

Penny Lane...

Wildwood Canyon & 5th Street

Nebraska Street

7th Place off of Nebraska Street

More views into the valley.

Back on Wildwood -
Almost Over!!!

Wildwood Canyon & Calimesa Blvd.

Over 23,000 steps
9.83 miles
in 2 hrs and 25 minutes

Our final route!!

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