Monday, January 11, 2016

We've been busy......WALKING THE STREETS OF YUCAIPA!!!

Sorry I had a gap in my posts.  We've finished three walks since I last posted but life has been a little busy and I forgot to post.

Since our last post, we finished every street north of Yucaipa Blvd.  YEP.....  Every single street!!!  Adams, Cedar, Date, Fir, Chapman Heights, Sunnyside, Grape, Carter, Stanley Ranch.......  all of them are DONE!!!  We walked in the cold and in the rain, but we are both seeing results physically - so it's all worth it.

Friday after work, we have a great 4.86 mile walk starting at the top of Oak Glen & Bryant and finishing near Oak Glen and Avenue E.  The walking trails along Chapman Heights Road are beautiful.  They are wide and beautifully landscaped.  You don't have to worry about traffic, which was great because this walk took us past dusk and into the dark.  My only concern is that once you pass Yucaipa Blvd and the Waba Grill shopping Center, there are not any street lights.  You still have sidewalks which is nice, but we all know that Yucaipa lacks street lights and the addition of some (lots) would be WONDERFUL!!!

Bryant & Oak Glen with a view of our snow capped mountains!!

A beautiful sunset over the Community Park.

The trail along the Community Park!
A great place to walk

I love our hills.  Crafton Hills trails just calling your name!!!

Great walking trails along Chapman Heights!!

More trail.... bike lanes as well!!

Never get tired of our sunsets in Yucaipa!!

Another glorious view of our mountains!!

...more sunsets!!!


Saturday morning we were up bright and early with a walk starting at 3rd and Yucaipa Blvd.  We wound up and down Cedar, through the Hitching Post Mobile Home Park and down and around the 55+ community along Peach Tree Road.  Our early morning walks are always chilly but very peaceful.  The smell of bacon radiates from the homes, as we pass by, and every once in awhile we hear a dog waking up and barking just to let us know they are around.  We pass lots of other early morning walkers and bikers along our routes as well.  This was a nice 4.89 mile with some beautiful views down into Chapman Heights. Although there are limited sidewalks along this route, there is little to no traffic in the morning so lots of room for us to walk.

This is why I love where I live!!!

Good Morning Yucaipa!!!

Waking up with the sun!  Beautiful morning!!

I just couldn't pass this up!!  So cute!!

Do you know where this is?
If you drive this road, I know you've seen this cool treehouse? playhouse?  Way cool!!

Hitching Post Mobile Home Park!
..... an older park, but very quiet this early in
the morning.  Lot's of little dogs greeted us!

Sun Park II - a nice, clean 55+ community!!
Well maintained homes and, mostly drought
resistant yards.  

Do you know these streets??

Love the mountains with our Flag!!!

I love the sky and the clouds!!

The views of Chapman Heights from up on Peach Tree!

Another view!!

Today's (Monday) walk had us changing neighborhoods as we begin the area west of Bryant and south of Yucaipa Blvd.  We covered 3.33 miles along Avenue A, B, C, D and E from Bryant to California.  This is an older part of Yucaipa with lots of older homes with character.  We were greeted by many dogs, all letting us know they were there but seemed very friendly.  Several neighbors out in their front yards all saying hello to us.  But not everyone was friendly....  We had a guy drive by (he was the passenger) and yell "Hey B!tc#" to us.  Really?!?!  Oh well....  didn't ruin our walk!!

Yucaipa Blvd. and Bryant Street....
Here we go!!!

I don't think any drivers can miss seeing us.
Caballero enjoys COLOR!!!

Nice quiet streets - no traffic!!

Art Studio???  I didn't know

Did you know this was in town?  I sure didn't!!
The things we see when we WALK!!!  I've driven down this street
plenty of times and never noticed this!!

California Street in Historic Uptown.
I really like the character the city has added to this part of town!

Do you know what this place is????
Yucaipa Bus Barn - a distant memory for our school district :-(

Bryant Street!  No sidewalks but room to walk.

Inland Leader's Charter School!!

Sunset over ILCS!

Red Sky at Night
Sailors Delight!!!

Our walk tomorrow will take place during our lunch break (Jill Caballero has a hair appt..... seriously....  her hair is so important)!!!!  So, anyway, we are going to walk an area starting at Wildwood Avenue and California Street at 12:30pm.  This will be about a 2.5 mile walk (remember we are on our lunch break) but it will help us get some of those larger mobile home parks done.  Feel free to come along, if you aren't busy.  Thank you for following our journey as we WALK EVERY STREET IN YUCAIPA!!!  Oh and guess what......  today Jill Caballero said "After we're done, maybe we should walk all of Calimesa too"!!!  Stupid girl.... you can't "mention" it tome without it guess where will be going after Yucaipa????  See you in Calimesa!!!

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