Saturday, January 23, 2016

Should it be called Second Street or Mobile Home Lane???

WOW.....  Today's walk was.......  EYE OPENING!!!  As we continue to WALK EVERY STREET IN YUCAIPA, we started off at 1st Street and Avenue E and we ended at 2nd Street and Wildwood Canyon Road.  If you put those two points in your navigation, you'll see Point A to Point B is only .87 of a mile and would take an average person less than 15 minutes.

How then could we have possibly covered 7.88 miles and it take us a hair over 2 hours?!?  How you ask (ok.... so maybe you didn't ask - but I'm gonna tell you)!!  How is because within this measly .87 mile route are EIGHT (yes you heard me correctly) EIGHT mobile home parks (and remember - we walk them all)!!!    If you've ever had to go to the Yucaipa Valley Water Department, you've driven this route.  I bet you didn't realize just how many mobile home parks and how many people reside on this stretch of road.

I think what amazes me most about these walks, is seeing the differences in how people live - their accommodations , lifestyle and what not.  Some of our mobile home parks are merely one step away from homelessness for some people - and it's heartbreaking.  But then, right across the street, can be a beautiful, well-maintained mobile home park.  Both may be older parks, but one definitely surpasses the other.  Having never lived in a mobile home, I may be totally wrong, but I would think the property manager should be responsible for keeping some of these mobile home parks up. (Sorry for the little soap box speech - it's just really sad to see the state of some of these parks)!!

Hope you enjoy the pictures from today!!  Tomorrow is our "day of rest" (thank you Lord for ordering me to have this day :-)) and then Monday, with only 7 walks left to cover 5th Street down to 10th Street - we will be starting on Avenue E and Fifth and heading to Wildwood Canyon Road.  As always, feel free to join us!!

Head down Avenue E.

Avalon Mobile Home Park
Mobile Home Park #1
More from Avalon.....

SUNRISE!!!  Looks like possible rain!

Heading down Avenue E.

Hidden Village
Mobile Home Park #2

Grandview East (is there a west?)
Mobile Home Park #3
Cute Cat in Grandview East....
More from Grandview East.
Nice play area for the kids!

Caravan Mobile Home Park
Mobile Homem Park #4
More from Caravan......

Nice view of Caravan.....

Grandview West (East is Family - West is 55+)
Mobile Home Park #5

Just a thought.....
But if the City puts a street sign....

Don't you think the City should maintain the road!!!!
Another little cul-de-sac - Much better roads!!

Yucaipa Valley Water District

Knollwood Mobile Home Park
Mobile Home Park #6
More from Knollwood.....

Monte Vista Mobile Home Park
Mobile Home Park #7

Bel Aire Mobile Estates
Mobile Home Park #8
More in Bel Aire....
Loved the cactus garden!!

7.88 miles later - WE MADE IT!!!

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