Thursday, January 21, 2016

One street closer.........

Fourth Street done!!!  I sure hope everyone had an opportunity to be outside today - it was simply BEAUTIFUL, especially here in the Yucaipa Valley!!!

Today we got in a nice 3.81 mile walk that started at Avenue E and 3rd Street - down to 5th Street and then back up and out 4th Street to Wildwood Canyon Road.  I think our biggest challenge is making sure we don't skip any streets (there are lots of little, back alley, type streets and, unless they have a fence blocking them, WE WALK THEM)!!!

This was a nice walk that included two nice mobile home parks and a half dozen or so side streets.  Fourth Street, especially closer to Wildwood Canyon, is probably not the safest street to walk.  The road really narrows as you walk south and, like much of Yucaipa, there are not any sidewalks along this walk.  We really enjoy walking the mobile home parks though because there is little to no traffic on these streets and, most people we encounter in these parks, are very nice!!!

Tomorrow we will be moving on down (or I guess up in number) to 5th Street.  Our walk begins at 4:15pm at Forest Oaks Drive (Chapman Heights area) and 5th Street and will head south all the way to Avenue E.  Feel free to join us for our walk as we continue to WALK EVERY STREET IN YUCAIPA!!!


Jill Caballero, Nicole Lemos and me :-)

Heading west on Avenue E.

Sunset over Yucaipa - BEAUTIFUL!!

Heading East on Avenue E from 5th Street!!
No sidewalks, but nice room on the side to walk!

Did you know this church has a full size basketball court?
Spent one too many games inside this gym!!

4th Street - Heading South!

One of the side streets - DEAD END!!

Hidden Valley was a really nice mobile home park.
Doesn't say but I think it's 55+.

....more from Hidden Valley!

Heading south.......

Crestview II.....  I wonder if we are going to see Crestview I??

....more from Crestview!!

The tall one is for their BILLS (see the writing on it)

One quiet little side street along the route!!

The END!!!!
One street closer to our goal!!

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