Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Walking CALIFORNIA........

Got a little busy and forgot to post this great walk we had this past Thursday!!!  Journeyed from Mountain View and California Street, through three mobile home parks along this route up Eureka to Bryant and down Velardo and back through Mountain View.  A great 4.56 mile walk on a crisp January afternoon.

The wash off of California!!

One of the three mobile home parks along this walk.

I think this sign is self explanatory!!

One of the little critters we encountered.

St. Francis Church.  A beautiful Catholic Church!!

Melody Lane - A small, quiet mobile home park!

Skyline Village - I think we freaked out these neighbors.
They were wondering why we were walking in their park.... haha!

California Street - Lots of of great sidewalks!!

California Street....again!!

Love the sky scape of the snow!!

A closer look at those beautiful mountains!

A beautiful Yucaipa sunset!!

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