Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Lunch Hour Activity...... WALKING YUCAIPA!!!

When you don't have time to walk after work, what do you do?  You spend your lunch break, enjoying the views from the streets of Yucaipa.  Today Jill Squared (and Barbara Costello) continued our journey of WALKING EVERY STREET IN YUCAIPA, up off California Street and Wildwood Canyon.  Just enough time to get in a great 2.63 mile walk......  the air was crisp, the sun was bright and the views were SPECTACULAR!!!!!

Tomorrow will be another lunchtime walk (Jill Cab has a pedi after work....oh my goodness)!!  We'll still be in this area - lots of mobile home parks to walk, so it takes us awhile to move out of certain areas!!!

NO EXCUSES for not walking!!
An hour lunch?  We did this is 42 minutes!!!

Starting out - Heading down California to Wildwood!

Heading North on California! - Great Sidewalks!!

Love this Boxer Family!!!  

We were greeted by this BIG guy!!!

Carriage Trade Manor
A 55+ older mobile home park!!
Great views of the snow capped mountains!

This is a clean & quiet, older park.  

I love being surrounded by mountains!!  Close enough to visit!

Walking the streets....  LOTS of streets!!!

Palm trees in the front and snow in the back!!
Only in Southern California!!

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