Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Sixth Street ............. DONE!!!!!

.....and we're off.......

In our quest to WALK EVERY STREET IN YUCAIPA, today we were able to cover Sixth Street - from Yucaipa Blvd. to Wildwood Canyon Road and all the streets in between.  The stretch of Sixth Street from the blvd. to Avenue E is just a straight shot.  Past Oak View High School but o side streets at all, except for the planned community off Lily Road, but we can't get in there because they have a gate (we'll try from the 7th Street side to see if we can get in, so we can cover those streets too).

Once we crossed over Avenue E, there were several small cul-de-sac streets (Eureka, Northview and Yucaipa Creek) and then we had to mobile home parks to cover.  The streets were nice and quiet and the mobile home parks were older and clean.  Overall, this is a nice walk, but if you go all the way to Wildwood Canyon (like we did), you have to be very careful walking the curve.  It's a blind curve and the cars are expecting pedestrians and they drive a little fast (in my opinion).

We ended our walk by going down Nebraska to Colorado and covered a nice 4.02 mile stretch of our city.  Tomorrow will be moving on down to 7th Street.  We hope to finish this part of town (down to Oak Glen Road) within the next 5 days, before we jump over to the south side of the wash.

Jill Caballero and I want to thank everyone that has been following our journey.  We have had over 6800 views of this blog so far........

Starting off from Taco Bell.

Lily Street - A gated community!

Oak View High School
Home of the Phoenix!!

More from Oak View High School...

Walking Sixth Street....
Heading South!

More along our route....

Northview Drive.
It may be dirt, but it's a street!!!

Beautiful views......

Yucaipa Village
An older established 55+ park.
Lots of small dogs yapping at us along our walk.

More views along our walk.

Lots of cactus in mobile home parks.
These had cool flowers on them.

Valley View 55+ Mobile Home Park.
A huge, multi-level park with great views.

A beautiful Yucaipa sunset!!

The blind curves on 6th and Wildwood.

More views of our sunset.

Sixth Street......DONE!!

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  1. Your walking our city of Yucaipa sounds like a very good time. Now that I know about it, I will follow your blog. No kidding, if you go E on H, I live off of H north on Lantana, I would even walk a ways with you.