Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Yucaipa (pronoun) definition God's Country; Vast Beauty

Yucaipa (pronoun) definition God's Country; Vast Beauty
OK..... well maybe that is Webster's definition of our little town, but it sure is mine!!!  Each day our quest to WALK EVERY STREET IN YUCAIPA opens our eyes to the vast beauty of our community.  The homes, the landscaping, the colors and most of all the people.  
Put away your computers folks, shut off your televisions and go out and see your communities.  Get to know your neighbors and take your time to breathe in the beauty around you.
Today our 3.25 mile walk took us from Carter Street to Fir Street off of Bryant.  Tomorrow we start were we left off today on Carter & Fremont - meet us at 4:15pm if you want to see all the beauty that we are talking about everyday.  Let's get healthy together as we walk Yucaipa.
Walking Carter & Fremont
New construction in this area means we are growing!

LOVE - this landscape & the cute bridge!!
Fall colors......OMG!!!

Fell in love with this waterfall!

North View Mobile Home Park - I lovely older park
(with lots of good "dinner" smells all around)

Christmas is coming - the lights are on!!!
Another beautiful sunset over Yucaipa!!

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