Saturday, December 19, 2015

10.23 miles, 2:47 hours, 23,907 steps - A great start to the weekend!!!

Got the blood flowing on this walk.  You don't realize how many hills we have in Yucaipa, until you actually have to walk all the way up each and EVERY one of them and today we had 6 or 7 BIG ONES!!!

Our 10.23 mile walk started at the bottom of Bryant Street & Wildwood Canyon Road.  We wound our way up to Douglas and then up further to Fremont Street.  The streets were quiet this early in the morning and it was a long, challenging but great walk!!!

Tomorrow is our day off, but then we start in the Whisper Ranch Area which means MORE HILLS!!!

7:00am - LET'S DO THIS!!!
Good morning Yucaipa.  Another beautiful sunrise!!

Starting this walk with a nice size hill on Bryant!!

Views - Glorious Views!!!

Nice little streets in upper Yucaipa.

Do you know where we are??
Our first time on these streets!!

Seriously City - Why can't you improve these streets?!?

I never get tired of the clear views of the valley!!

More views of the streets around upper Yucaipa.

Where Avenue E ends!!
Hidden Canyon Estates???  

This use to be open dirt road to some nice driving trails.

Walked up this hill - BARELY!!!
Thank God for the downhill!

Loved this house.  I didn't get pictures but they have lots of cool signs along with these old train cars!!

HUGE Beautiful Cactus'.  Wonder how old they are!!


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