Monday, December 14, 2015

It was a chilly December evening.........

Brrrrr.........  Ear muffs, mittens and sweatshirts can't keep the chill in the air from penetrating our bones, but nothing can stop us from our walks around the streets on Yucaipa.

Today was a nice, crisp 3.06 mile walk starting at Date & Comberton and winding east towards Douglas and Rancho and then back down to Correll.  There were many streets in this area that neither Jill Cab nor I had ever seen.  These are mostly older neighborhoods, with established homes.  I loved the character in a lot of these homes with huge trees shedding their leaves all over the streets.  This was actually an easy walk (for those not wanting too many hills).  I would definitely recommend this walk for those beginners out there - you could even add a few more turns to give yourself a little more distance.

Wanna join us tomorrow?  We will be starting at 4:15pm at Acacia & Bryant.  Tomorrow will be an easy 2.75 mile walk to complete the area east of Bryant and north of Yucaipa Blvd!!!

Cornell & Bryant - started and ended right near here!

Bryant Street offers a small bike lane -
So be careful when walking along this street!!

LOVE - the snow capped mountains!!!

If anyone wants to buy me this,
I would LOVE it!!!  Love my Snowmen!!!

Auburn & Auburn..... huh?
Couldn't they think of any other names?

I hope you never get tired of these sunset pictures,
cause I'm going to always post them :-)

OMG....  this house was destroyed by a fire.
How absolutely horrible!!

A nice 3.06 mile walk on pretty much
level ground.  Follow our map and give
it a try!!!

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