Thursday, December 3, 2015

Open spaces, beautiful land and.........CHICKENS!!!

Our walk through the streets of Yucaipa took us from up on the top of Fir Street all the way down to Stater Bros on Bryant. These streets took us past huge beautiful homes, large open fields and lots of ........ CHICKENS!!!!

The open spaces in this area are large and beautiful rolling hills.  It appears there are lots of hiking trails or dirt paths up here - many of which we want to try when we have a little more daylight.

Tomorrow we won't be on the streets, but Saturday morning we have a long walk planned that will begin up at the very top of Carter Street (at the entrance to the El Dorado hiking trails).  Come join us at 7:00am - t's a great way to start your weekend!!!

A hidden water tank amongst the beauty.

Hiking trails to.......?????

Beautiful views from way up here!!


and more chickens!!!

Fremont Street - looking towards Oak Glen Road
What a sunset!!!

Another view of the beautiful sunset!!

A lovely 3.06 mile walk today!!

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  1. This is where i ride every weekend I'm enjoying this blog do much