Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Racing the daylight cause of the Winter Solstice......

As the days get shorter, our walks do to as we race against the setting sun to get our walks in.  Today we started our walk at the Yucaipa Valley Historical Society Museum (bet you didn't even know we had such a place in town, huh)!!!  Our 3.5 mile walk went up Panorama and down Date Street.  Lots of little cul-de-sacs along this route with lots of walkers and their pets.

The best thing though was us getting recognized by a couple people.  Being asked if we are the "walkers" gives as a chuckled as we bask in the light of our celebrity status..... haha!!!

Jill will be traveling over the next couple of days to bring her boys home from college, so we won't be walking again until Saturday morning.  But Saturday you can join us for a vigorous, hilly, walk starting at Casa Blanca and Oak Glen Road.  We will be covering streets along Casa Blanca, Highland, Pendleton and Fremont Streets - lots of hills but a great calorie burn and a great way to start our weekend.  We would love to have you come along as we continue our quest to WALK EVERY STREET IN YUCAIPA.

Wanna learn about the history of Yucaipa?
Come by and visit our Historical Society Museum.

We meet lots of animals along our walks,
but these two were especially cute and quite friendly!! 

Do you know where we were?

Definitely ready for Santa to visit!!!

Several blocks of these homes in Sun Park.
A nice little 55+ community.

My absolute favorite house so far!!!
Heading down Date Street watching the sun set in front of us.
And, yes, Jill is wearing her safety vest so the cars can see us!!

Another glorious sunset over Yucaipa!!

And there you have it.  Three more miles
checked off our walking list!!

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