Saturday, December 12, 2015

What are we doing outside in 43 degree weather???

What in the world are we doing on a Saturday morning at 6:34am, in 43 degree weather, walking the hills off of Casa Blanca, Pendleton, Highland and Date Streets???  Are we crazy or what???

This morning's walk was a brisk 7 mile route starting at Casa Blanca and Oak Glen Road and up and down all the little side streets to Highland and then Pendleton.  Pendleton brought on a little surprise in the form of a small pack of coyotes!!!!  Yes, here we are, just the two of us with only a cell phone in our hands, walking down the isolated part of Pendleton when Caballero says (and I quote) if we're going to run into Coyotes it would be around here.  An I proceed to say.... I wouldn't be worried unless they were in a pack.  and....LO' AND BEHOLD..... not one but two (maybe more - we couldn't tell behind the brush) huge coyotes about 20 feet from us!!!  That would be about the time we picked up our pace and luckily they must have been full cause they walked the other direction (so a note to any of you planning to walk these areas - take a walking stick)!!!

So we continued down to Fremont Street a d then wound our way back up to Date Street and Pendleton to end this walk.    Every Saturday morning that we chose to get out of bed early and take these walks has proven to be well worth it.  Not only for our health, but to see the shear beautiful of our town.  This coming week we will finish the area east of Bryant and north of Yucaipa Blvd.  Feel free to join our walks.

Bundling up for a cold morning walk!!

Good morning Yucaipa!!  Shear BEAUTY!!

A hidden gem up a little back road!!!  LOVE IT!!

Only in Yucaipa, do we have to watch for Bears!!

HILLS, Hills and more hills!!!

Love our town and I never get tired of these views!

Hawk?? Falcon??  Either way, this guy stared us down as we passed underneath him.

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