Thursday, December 17, 2015

Feeling on top of the world......

YEP.... that's how we felt on this walk - ON TOP OF THE WORLD!!!  Tonight we were joined on our walk by Linda Dorsett as we started our walk at Flag Hill Park - if you've never been to this part of town, it is at the very end of Yucaipa Blvd. and Fremont Street.  This is the city's Veteran's Park and has a beautiful view of our entire valley. Definitely work a visit, if you've never been here.

Anyway, we started here at Flag Hill Park and walked all the way up this little road called Knoll Drive (it's marked private - but we made an exception on this one cause I wanted to see where it led).  Knoll Drive give you BEAUTIFUL views all the way to the San Bernardino area (especially on a clear evening like tonight).  We then went UP (quite a hill) Grandview Drive.  At the top of Grandview is a new street called Fletcha Street.  If you park along Fletcha Street, there are tons of hiking trails all through those hills (we'll be trying some of those a little later in the Spring).

On our way back down Grandview, we turned in the Fremont Heights Mobile Home Park - a beautiful 55+ mobile home park with AWESOME views of our community.  You have to have the stamina to make it all the way to the top to get the best views!!

This challenging 3.5 mile walk really gets your blood flowing.  I would definitely recommend this walk for those wanting to get their heart rate up.  Our quest to WALK EVERY STREET IN YUCAIPA, will begin again at Flag Hill Park tomorrow at 4:15pm and take use up down and around Fremont, Avenue E, Douglas and Avenue D.  Come join us - if you'd like!!!

Flag Hill Park - Lots of military exhibits!

The view from way up on Knoll Drive!!

A Smoke Stack???  

Anyone know what this is from???

Looks like its become a party spot :-(

A cool looking house nested inside the canyon.
Jill & Linda - finally on the down hill stretch of Grandview Drive.

A beautiful mobile home park in town!!!

The view from the highest point in Fremont Heights Mobile Home Park!
What a sunset!  What a view!!!

Another view.  See that strip on lights - that's Yucaipa Blvd.!!

A nice 3.5 mile walk!!

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