Monday, December 21, 2015

WHISPER RIDGE.......Done!!!!

Today's 4.55 mile walk checked the Whisper Ridge area off our map.  If you don't know this area of our community - it's up off of Wildwood Canyon and just below Mesa Grande Road.  The properties in this area are large lots with beautiful large homes.  I want to do this drive in the evening BEFORE Christmas is over because many of the homes were beautifully decorated.

For you "walkers" out there, this was a nice, yet challenging, walk.  We started at the top of Mesa Grande and worked our way down the streets all the way to Holmes and Wildwood Canyon.  Because of us walking EVERY street in Yucaipa, we had to do some back tracking up some hills (but no cheating for Jill Squared).  Up at the top of Cherrywood Drive, you have a beautiful view of Hidden Meadows and there seems like there are some nice hiking trails in this area.

Taking a break tomorrow from walking Yucaipa, in order to walk Disneyland (anxious to see just how many steps I get in at the Happiest Place on Earth), but we will be back at our walks on Wednesday at 7:00am with our walk starting off Oak Grove Road and Wildwood Canyon and winding through the Mesa Grande area.  If you chose to join us remember to DRESS WARM!!!

Began our walk at the top of Mesa Grande Road
and saw this estate.  HEADQUARTERS...... hmmmm!!!!

Instead of Where's Waldo.....
Where oh where are Jill Squared?!?

Nice quiet streets.  

Beautiful Homes!!!  Love this wrap around porch!!

More beautiful views!

Hidden Meadows in the distance!!

Views and more views!!!

Wildwood Park!!!  A great park for kids, dogs and horse trails!!!

Love this tree!!!

Lots of dogs in the neighborhood.  These two were quite vocal!!!

More great views of beautiful homes!!


Sunset over Yucaipa!!!!  

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