Thursday, March 3, 2016

"We are all 55 and older in here and dying"..............

Walking EVRY STREET IN CALIMESA just got a little more interesting.

Let's just start off this post with the BIG question.  Who is 55 and older and who is dying???  Well that answer to that, apparently, is everyone in the Californian - a 55+ mobile home park on California Street and the very first mobile home park that we got kicked out of!!!  Yep....  I'm serious....  three streets into our walk in the Californian, this woman comes running out of her trailer to see what we were doing (walking - in bright colored walking clothes), and why we were doing it (we said - to get healthier....haha).  She then proceeded to tell us we couldn't be there and everyone that lived there was 55 and over (I guess we don't look 55+) and that they were all dying (how sad)!!  We said we would leave but she demanded to escort us to the front (wasn't she sweet)!!!

You can see our personal escort in the red shirt behind us!!

Funniest thing though is when we left "her" mobile home park and went right across the street and into the Colony mobile home park.  She yelled at us NOT to go in that one either (but we did)!!!

NOTE TO SELF:  DO NOT walk in this mobile home park!!!
So today's walk took us partially through the Californian and into the Colony both on California Street.  We then heading down Avenue L, where we were greeted by a very nice gentleman that first offer bottled and when we declined offered us a cold beer (haha).  From Avenue L we headed up Third Street, grabbed the Ponderosa Mobile Home Park (which we did not get kicked out of ;-), then up County Line Road and down Second Street.

Lots of little cul-de-sacs along this route.  The route itself was a nice 5.51 mile walk (no hills along this route) - Avenue L and County Line are both very busy streets during the time walk and neither have sidewalks, so probably not the safest route either, but we got 'er done and we are a little closer to wrapping up our walks in Calimesa.

Colony Mobile Home Park

California and Avenue L

Heading down Avenue L

3rd Street

Ponderosa Mobile Home Park on 3rd Street

3rd Street & County Line Road

It's US!!!!

County Line Road

Second Street

One of 4 cul-de-sacs off of 2nd Street.

Another beautiful sunset

Our findings on this walk!!

Our route.

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