Wednesday, March 2, 2016

CALIMESA - Douglas to California

Our new challenge of WALKING EVERY STREET IN CALIMESA started at Avenue L and Douglas and wound its way down to California.  Although there are a couple of mobile home parks on California, we didn't grab them today but will pick them up tomorrow.

Today's walk took us on typical Calimesa streets..... no side walks (just like Yucaipa), potholes and cracks all over the streets and lots of animals.  We started off being greeted by a family of goats, passed by quite a few horses, lots of dogs and some very friendly cats.  I love the ruralness (is that a word) of Calimesa.  I can totally see why the citizens are fighting big warehouses in the city limits.  It's very peaceful and I hope that doesn't change!!

Enjoy pictures from our walk today.  Tomorrow we will be starting on California Street at the mobile home parks at 4:15 (if you want to join us).

Not even started walking yet and she's already made a friend!!!
Douglas and Avenue L

Heading up Douglas Street

A beautiful church along our route.

I love the green space all around town!!

Heading down County Line -
On the Calimesa side :-)

Bryant Street - Heading towards Avenue L

She just can't help herself.....

Loretta and Bryant

The sun wasn't quite setting - but a beautiful shot.

California Street

I walked right past it - darn it!!
Our findings for this route!!

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