Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Ivy, Fremont, Cherry Croft....... Do you know these places?

How many posts can I write about the beauty of Yucaipa???  Too many.......  Well today was no different than our prior walks.  A part of Yucaipa that Jill Caballero had NEVER been to.  She was amazed at the beautiful landscaping, spacious homes, the open land all around and the gorgeous views of the Yucaipa Valley from the top of this area.

Our 3 mile walk started at the very top of Ivy (we would have gone further up except for the NO TRESPASSING & PRIVATE ROAD signs) and came down to Jefferson, Cherry Croft and Fremont.  The Fall colors were out in full force up at this elevation.  Simply.......BEAUTIFUL!!!

Long quiet roads.......

Single lane roads leading nowhere!!

Beautiful backroads of Yucaipa

More beauty along our walks!

Fall colors......

The road ends here!!

This is such a beautiful area of our little town!!!

More Fall colors!!
HEY.... It's Jill Squared!!


Tomorrow we will be finishing this area.  Meet us at 4:15 at Ivy and Cherry Croft.  We will be walking 3.5 miles (downhill) to Bryant!!!  

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